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If you’re looking for a casino in Kansas City, KS, you’ve come to the right place. Founded in 2008 by the Wyandotte Nation, the 7th Street Casino has the best gaming experience in the Midwest. Located in the historic downtown district of Kansas City, MO, we have the largest casino payouts and lowest hold percentage in the area. This is the go-to place to try your hand on our casino slots and enjoy an exciting atmosphere.

With tons of playtime and exclusive club promotions, you’re bound to have a great experience. We are committed to providing our valued guests with the chance to test their luck and skill while enjoying food, drink, and fun! Check out some of the best parts of our casino experience:

  • Casino Café – Our guests love the Casino Café at 7th Street Casino. It’s a great place to wind down and grab a bite to eat. We serve a great selection of hearty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Additionally, we offer food and drink specials and are open daily for the convenience of our valued guests.
  • Free Shuttle Service – We have a convenient, complimentary shuttle service our guests are welcome to use. To use the free shuttle service, simply call us from your car, and our shuttles will bring you to the casino. We pick up between 8thand 6th streets, between Minnesota and Barnett.
  • Monthly PromotionsWith a reputation for offering the best payouts, 7th Street Casino features monthly promotions for even more chances for you to win! We honor our servicemen and women with Military Appreciation Match Play on Sunday.
  • Lucky 7 Club – When you sign up for a membership in our Lucky 7 Club, you get even more chances to win! Every time you play with your Lucky 7 Club Card, you earn entries for free play, prizes, and big bucks during our special promotions.

Wyandotte Nation Casino in the Heart of Downtown Kansas City 

The Wyandotte Nation invites you to enjoy one of the best casinos the Midwest has to offer. Adjacent to Huron Park and the Huron Indian Cemetery, 7th Street Casino is located in a former Masonic temple with all the interior furnishings restored. When the Wyandot Tribe ceded the land in Ohio in 1842, a long fight ended. The Wyandot Tribe had been lobbying Congress and fighting within the Federal court system for many years for their land being invaded, cattle and horse stolen, and killings of their leaders.

By 1842, the Wyandot tribe was civilized but not conformed. There were many who still remembered and practiced the “old way” of life and the only way to ensure that everything would not be completely lost meant moving west again. The Shawnee, Ottawa, Miami, Delaware, and Seneca tribes were across the Mississippi River, living life undisturbed. The Wyandot, the last tribe east of the Mississippi to be removed, had to join them. Starting over would be difficult, but a tribe that was born out of the ashes of destruction would succeed.

We are one of the few tribes in North America that can specifically place a year on our birth. In 1649-1650, remnants of the Tionontati (Petun or Tobacco) and Attignawantan (founding member of the Wendat Confederacy) fled west seeking protection from the murderous onslaught of their cousins, the Iroquois Confederacy. These people are now known today as the Wyandotte Nation.

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With the lowest hold percentage in Kansas City, our guests can expect up to a 95 percent payback when they play our machines. We’re your go-to casino for paybacks, jackpots, slots, food, and fun! With more than 20,000 feet of gaming space and nearly 600 slots, it’s easy to make the most out of your time at our casino in the heart of downtown Kansas City, MO. Contact us today for more information about everything we offer guests at our casino. We look forward to your visit!